Worlds first consumer V-Copter is here!



The worlds first V-shaped bi-copter with 50 minutes of flight time. 


The Zero Zero Falcon V Copter Drone, also known as the V-Coptr Falcon, is a unique entry in the drone market with its innovative V-shaped bi-copter design. This drone stands out for its long flight time and advanced features, making it a compelling choice for drone enthusiasts.

- Design: V-shaped bi-copter
- Flight Time: Up to 50 minutes
- Camera: 4K video recording
- Transmission Distance: Up to 7km
- Obstacle Avoidance: Equipped with obstacle avoidance technology


- Long Flight Time: One of the standout features of the V-Coptr Falcon is its long flight time of up to 50 minutes.
- Unique Design: The V-shaped bi-copter design is not only visually appealing but also contributes to the drone's performance.
- Advanced Features: The drone comes with a 4K camera, obstacle avoidance technology, and a transmission distance of up to 7km.


- New Design: While the V-shaped design is innovative, it may present some challenges as it's different from the traditional quadcopter design.
- Limited Reviews: As a relatively new product on the market, there are limited user reviews available, making it difficult to assess its performance in real-world conditions.


The Zero Zero Falcon V Copter Drone is an exciting addition to the drone market with its unique design and impressive specifications. Its long flight time and advanced features make it a strong contender in its price range. However, potential buyers should be aware that this drone's innovative design may present a learning curve compared to traditional quadcopters. As always, it's recommended to read up on user reviews and do thorough research before making a purchase decision.

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