FIMI X8 MINI sub 250gram drone [UPDATED INFO !]

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Leaked information about the upcomming FIMI X8 mini


On the 28th of December a new App shows up iin the Google play store called 'FIMI Navi Mini'.
This indicates FIMI is in a final development state to launch a new friendly priced DJI Mini 2 competitor.

Investigating the app we found out this will be a full feature packed drone. The flightmodes will be similar to what we know from the
FIMI X8SE 2020, it's bigger brother.

FIMI Palm 2 similarities

If you look more close you will find out there is a 4K logo on the camera's lens visible.
The camera on the FIMI Mini looks pretty similar to to the one from the FIMI PALM 2 with a 3-Axis gimbal and utilize a 120° F.O.V. Wide angle lens.

Palm2 400x400

4K 60 ?

Possible there will be 4K 60fps support based on some extracted data from the Android App.



- Sub 250gram M.T.O.M.
- 4K 60 FPS 120° F.O.V. Camera.
- Sony image sensor.
- H264 AVC & H265 HEVC codec support.
- HDR Video & Photo.
- Laser obstacle avoidence.




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