Come and Join the official 7th Hubsan Aerial Filming Contest

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Starting: 1st December 2020 - Ends (Winner Announcement) 7th March 2021
7th Hubsan Aerial Filming Contest is all about getting your inner director out. To see and to film the most beautiful things around you in your life, in our world, using Hubsan Aerial Filming Drones.

Compile your aerial shots and videos in an spectacular aerial filming masterpiece and be ready to win the awesome prizes. To give you a head start, thing about these topics and go out, have fun to fly Hubsan Drones and shot stunning videos.

Earth, Water, Winter, Life, Sun, Mountains, Clouds, Chase, Landscapes, Paths, landmarks, animals, you name it...

And yes we do not want to limit you with those topics. If you have something better, go for it and share it with us and Win new Hubsan Zino+ Series Drone.

Contest Rules: (Strictly Follow These Rules)
Video length 2 to 5 minutes only. Do not use post production effects, filters, or color grading. Edit your videos using trimming, cutting, merging, adding transitions, titles, intros and outros.
Videos must add titles in the beginning like Your Topic of video, and Shot with Hubsan Zino Series Drone
Participants are not allowed to add any logos and or watermarks of any type on videos, except Hubsan Logo
Participants are allowed to add Their names, and location on video in a small sized sub title (aerial font size 9) that may appear bottom left of video for brief period of time only, either in the beginning or end of the video.
Participants are not allowed to add any promotional links in titles on videos and any sort of advertising at all.
Videos must be taken by Hubsan ZINO, Zino 2 and Zino + series Drones
Videos must be entirely made by participants using above mentioned drones. Copying footage from internet and or other drones is a serious violation of contest rules. Violators will be black listed from all HAFCs. Not allowed to submit footage and videos from Previous contests either.




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